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What is the battle of Armageddon? Where will it be fought? Who will be fighting in it and what will they be fighting over?

Explain dual application prophecy and the relation to typology. God does not function in the linear and is not limited to prophecy being specific to one application. There are examples of dual applications of prophecy, such as the abomination that causes desolation.

What does the symbolism in Daniel chapter 8 mean?

Bible Answers Live is a Live call in radio program where callers can have their questions answered directly from the Bible.

Is the Antichrist on earth now? Revelation 17 speaks of a beast power raises his head several times attacking God's people. It is not one man, but a power and a system.

Did the Israelites have moral standards before the Ten Commandments were given from Mt. Sinai? The law of God was originally written in the hearts of man. Also the words of God were transmitted orally. Abraham was said to obey God's laws.

Can you explain to me Revelation 17:12 on horns receiving power for one hour with the beast? The context of Revelation 17 is a discussion of a woman sitting on a beast. She represents the apostate church seeking power from the beast. These horns represent kingdoms of divided Rome. One hour would represent 15 days.

Explain the meanings of the messages to the seven churches in Revelation. There are three meanings to these churches. First are the seven ages of the church. Second are the seven cycles of individual churches. Third are cycles that denominations go through.

Can we take the book of Revelation literally? Revelation has a literal implication, but there are symbols and we find the meaning of those symbols are found in other places in Scripture. The powers at battle are very real.

Is Matthew 18:22 on forgiveness also a reference to the 70 weeks of Daniel 9? It seems to indicate this. God extended great forgiveness to His people as shown in the 490 year prophecy of Daniel 9.

Bible Answers Live is a live call-in radio program where callers can have their questions answered directly from the Bible.

In all the pages of the Bible there is no more terrible promise of punishment than that found in Revelation 14:9, 10. Our souls shrink from the awful nature of the doom which shall overtake those who shall follow the beast and receive his mark. It is a matter of life or death for us, friends. One who refuses to heed the warning is surely committing suicide.

Is the 'abomination' the attempt to again sacrifice a red heifer. Some people believe the Jews will rebuild the temple and sacrifice lambs. So, the temple in 2 Thessalonians is God's church and doesn't have anything to do with a literal temple or a red heifer.

Can the Bible foretell the future?

Why does the dragon in Revelation 12 have seven heads and 10 horns? The Bible shows that the dragon is the devil. Seven heads are seven leaders and 10 kingdoms. You find this spoken of in Revelation 17 as well.

Is circumcision still required today? In Acts 15 the Jerusalem Council gave summary advice to the Gentile Christians. The list did not include circumcision. Paul later clearly states that circumcision is nothing.

Can you explain Mark 12:36? This is a quotation from the Psalms pointing out that the Father is speaking to the Son. The point is that Jesus is more than a descendant of David.

Bible Answers Live is a live call-in radio program where callers can have their questions answered directly from the Bible.

The Bible speaks of a dragon, a beast, and a false prophet. How can we identify who is represented by this symbolism?

Are Christians Messianic Jews? If not, what is the difference between a Christian and a Messianic Jew? Pastor Doug discusses the meaning of the word "Messiah" and "Christian" and explains who are the Messianic Jews as well as the concept of spiritual Israel.

What is a spiritual Jew? Any Gentile who accepts Jesus automatically becomes a spiritual Jew. Pastor Doug lists several Bible verses to show this new covenant with all people.

There is absolute truth and those who seek it will find it. Revelation is a book that reveals Jesus Christ. We understand the prophecies of this book through other Bible verses that "unlock" the code of Revelation.

What role will the US play in Bible prophecy? The Bible speaks of two beasts in Revelation 13. There will be a union of two powers at the end of time spoken here.

Explain the 8th beast in Revelation 17:11. Backing up to verse 9 we see a woman sitting on seven hills, which represents Rome. These kingdoms represent those that persecuted God's people. The one John currently lived among was Rome. Yet there is one to come.

What is the mark of Cain? The Bible does not say. I don't believe God put a big check on Cain's forehead. A "mark" in Scripture is not always a visible sign.

The Final Events of Bible Prophecy
The Final Events of Bible Prophecy is a gripping 43-minute documentary on last-day events. Hosted by author and evangelist Pastor Doug Batchelor, this amazing DVD leads you step by step through seven end-time "events," including signs of the end, Christ's return, the millennium, and more.

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