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Signs Of The End

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Mysterious Animal Deaths

By swearing, and lying, and killing, and stealing, and committing adultery, they break out, and blood toucheth blood. Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away.
(Hosea 4:2-3)

Thousands of fish dead under ice on Lake Owasso in Shoreview, Minn.FOX11/30/13
Concerns raised over number of dead birds on Coast beachesSunshine Coast Daily11/28/13
Dead birds appear on local beaches The Transcontinental11/27/13
Hundreds of dead seabirds wash ashore on Alaska island in Bering SeaAlaska Dispatch11/26/13
Authorities investigate fish kill in Chinaman Creek Dam in outback QldAustralian Broadcasting Company11/25/13
Scottish SPCA probe mysterious spate of pigeon deaths around Perthshire area Daily Record11/22/13
Hundreds of mutton birds found dead along Craignish beachFraser Coast Chronicle11/21/13
Dead sea birds wash up along the south coastAustralian Broadcasting Company11/20/13
Department confirms numerous bird deathsThe Esperance Express11/18/13
'Wreck' of short-tailed shearwater as birds found deadNational News TVNZ11/07/13
Dead birds wash up on Fairy Meadow BeachIllawarra Mercury11/05/13
Questions as mass of dead fish washes up on Curtis IslandThe Observer10/30/13
Dead birds 'not just a freak event'The Sydney Morning Herald10/30/13
Dead mutton birds washing up on Fraser Coast beachesBundaberg NewsMail10/22/13
Fish take wrong turn, foul Santa Cruz Small Craft HarborSanta Cruz Sentinel10/21/13
Dead fish discovered in Little River, investigation underwayWATE.com10/20/13
Homeowners puzzled after finding hundreds of dead fishWBIR.com10/19/13
Hundreds of dead birds wash up on Gold CoastAustralian Broadcasting Company10/16/13
Scores of fish show up dead in Racine, near DNR release stationFox6Now.com10/14/13
Marine Animals Continue to Die of Mysterious Cause in Indian River LagoonEarth Island Institute10/10/13
Fish kill continues on Neuse RiverStar News Online10/08/13
More Dead Fish Discovered In Pamlico RiverWITN.com10/07/13
Fish Kill washes up in eastern North CarolinaWBTW News 1310/03/13
Health officials investigating large fish kill near popular trailKLTV.com09/25/13
More Than 200 Dead Fish Found Near Onion Creek Golf ClubAustinist09/11/13
Call for inquiry as hundreds of dead fish wash up on beachNewsMail09/11/13
5,000 dead fish foul Carlsbad lakeKRQE.com09/06/13
Tons of dead fish found in Lake IsmaridaEnetEnglish.gr09/04/13
10 Tons of Dead Fish Found in Brazil Lake near Olympic Park Nature World News08/29/13
Thousands of fish and shrimp found dead in Nosara RiverInside Cost Rica08/27/13
Dead catfish washing up on lakeshoreQuay C ounty Sun08/27/13
River Enler fish kill: 5,000 dead trout foundBBC News08/23/13
Tons of dead fish discovered in Rio lakeUSA Today08/22/13
Dead fish seen in Cordova Sun Star08/21/13
Thousands of dead fish floating in PascagoulaWLOX.com08/19/13
City employees work to find cause of dead fishStephenville Empire-Tribune08/19/13
Hundreds of Dead Fish Found in Pond at National MallNBC4 Washington08/15/13
Dead fish turn up in Chapel Hill creekABC11.com08/04/13
Halstead: Almost 500 fish found dead in riverHalstead Gazette08/04/13
Horror as around 100 fish are found dead in South Park pond Macclesfield Express07/31/13
Clean-up call after fish found dead at Heywood beauty spot Manchester Evening News07/30/13
Hundreds of fish floating dead on Cambridge riverCambridge News07/28/13
Officials investigating 10,000 dead fish in Lake ArielTheTimes-Tribune.com07/27/13
Milky tint, dead fish found in Jones FallsABC2News.com07/18/13
Thousands of dead fish at ChaguaramasTrinidad Express Newspaper07/16/13
More dead fish turn up in creekWTVR.com07/14/13
Dead fish found in Fort Chipewyan Fort McMurray Today07/09/13
Concern over dead fish at Lido Beach New Straits Times Online07/03/13
Dead fish fill Mexico reservoirBBC News07/02/13
Probe into death of 300 fish in River Llynfi near MaestegThis is South Wales06/27/13
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