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Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake. And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.
(Matthew 24:9-10)

Religious Persecution in the news

Gospel Herald

Christian Persecution In Egypt On The Rise, Young Christian Girls At Higher Risk
People's Pundit Daily
While millions of Americans are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ this weekend, most will not know that Christian persecution in Egypt is on the rise. According to a report by the non-profit advocacy group, International Christian Concern ...
Remembering the persecuted on EasterChicago Sun-Times
Number of Young Christian Girls Raped, Killed in Egypt Increasing Quickly--and ...Gospel Herald
Britain's Establishment Muslim Organization Defends Pakistan and IranAmerican Thinker

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Boston Globe

Global war on Christianity is violent and real
Boston Globe
To be sure, Christians are not the only group experiencing hardship, nor do they always have clean hands themselves. Christians can be oppressors just as easily as they can suffer oppression. In many circumstances, the motives for anti-Christian ...

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Will David Cameron stand up for persecuted Christians? (blog)
But what was most surprising was that the prime minister went further by saying that 'our religion' is the most persecuted in the world and that 'I hope we can do more to raise the profile of the persecution of Christians'. He added: 'We should stand ...
David Cameron on the Persecution of ChristiansFirst Things (blog)
It shouldn't be a surprise that David Cameron has got
Prime Minister David Cameron to Raise Blasphemy Laws with Pakistan ...Crossmap
The Way -ChristianToday
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International Business Times

Persecution Pays: How Right-Wing Christian Films Like 'God's Not Dead' And ...
International Business Times
Persecuted” isn't the only conservative Christian film premiering this season to star a long-suffering evangelical hero fighting back against his liberal tormentors. Despite a plot cribbed wholesale from an email chain letter that made the rounds in ...

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David Cameron Urges Britain to Spread Awareness of Christian Persecution
Town Hall
Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the world, British Prime Minister David Cameron stated during his annual Easter reception at 10 Downing Street Wednesday. He urged Britain to play a leading role in standing against religious ...

Christian Post

David Cameron Says Britain Must Stand Up Against Global Christian ...
Christian Post
British Prime Minister David Cameron has said Christianity is now the most persecuted religion around the world, and that Britain should be "unashamed" in standing up against persecution of Christians and other religious groups. David Cameron ...
David Cameron says Christianity is the most persecuted religion but fails to actThe Guardian
David Cameron: Christians are the most persecuted around the worldCatholic Herald Online
David Cameron: 'We should stand up against persecution of Christians'ChristianToday
The Independent -The Tablet (subscription) -BBC News
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New Statesman

Are Christians really the world's most persecuted religious group?
New Statesman
In a rare theological intervention at a Downing Street reception yesterday, David Cameron made the eye-catching suggestion that Christians were the most persecuted religious group in the world today. (He also credited Jesus with the invention of the ...
Lebanon cardinal: Christians not persecuted minority, but in Middle East fabricEcumenical News
Bethlehem Conference Promotes Submissive Dhimmi NarrativeCommittee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America

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Aid proposed to stop Christian persecution in the Middle East, panel says
Washington Times
The United States can help Christians being persecuted in the Middle East by using foreign aid to modify behaviors in countries where persecution is rampant, educating U.S. diplomats about the issue in their assigned regions and asking for help from ...

Franklin Graham: Christians Are Persecuted at Home and Abroad
"Christians are being attacked and ... we see it now in Europe. Anti-Semitism, no question, it's there. We are living in a world that is changing, and it is frightening to see how quickly [it] is changing, and we're going to see real persecution of ...

National Catholic Register

Campaign Under Way to Introduce Prayer at Mass for Persecuted Christians
National Catholic Register
The initiative is being taken not only because of the increasing persecution of Christians, but also in view of the many victims of abortion, human trafficking, poverty and oppression around the world. It follows regular appeals from Pope Francis, who ...

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