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Signs Of The End


... and there shall be famines ...

(Matthew 24:7)

Famine in the News

Genetic Literacy Project

Nigeria faces drought, famine, malnutrition and hunger, but GMOs ...
Genetic Literacy Project
A report recently published by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) says a total of 8.1 million people are currently facing acute foo.
Famine threat looms as children starve in Boko Haram-hit northeast ...Times LIVE

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Los Angeles Times

In Somalia, famine is looming and families with no food or water are ...
Los Angeles Times
In Somalia, the farm animals are dying. The water holes have dried up. The crops have failed. With no food, water or money, people are trudging off their land, ...

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Millions of Ukrainian peasants starved to death under brutal famine imposed by Joseph Stalin
The parents of Bitter Harvest producer Ian Ignatovich fled the Soviet Ukraine during World War II, after suffering through what Ukrainians recall as the holodomor, a compound of Ukrainian words “hood” meaning “hunger” and “mor” meaning “plague”. Among ...

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FACTBOX-Drought, fighting push millions into hunger in Horn of Africa
Thomson Reuters Foundation
In Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya almost 12 millions are struggling to feed themselves because of repeated rain failures that have led to poor harvests and livestock deaths, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said. FAO said pre-famine alert ...

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Hunger amidst plenty - Newspaper - DAWN.COM
ONE of the signature achievements of the modern era has been the near elimination of famines. In pre-modern times, the majority of humanity lived just above ...

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Seven steps to saving lives and assisting people in Nigeria and Lake Chad Basin
Governments have a duty to protect and facilitate people's freedom of movement and access to their livelihoods including fishing, farming and markets. Governments in the region must also uphold the right of people to ... Improved coordination and ...
Children starve in Boko Haram-hit northeast

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The Standard (press release)

Kenya: 2m Kenyans staring at ugly face of starvation, says ...
The Standard (press release)
Two million could be facing starvation in the coming weeks, the Government has said.
Govt to import maize as local flour prices rise - Daily NationDaily Nation

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Anadolu Agency

Somalia famine fears prompt UN call for 'immediate and massive' reaction
The Guardian
Dick Trenchard, the Food and Agriculture Organisation representative in Somalia, said: “The latest report tells us that we risk famine in several areas of Somalia in the coming months. The warning could not be clearer ... Global hunger levels are at ...
UN warns against possible famine in SomaliaAnadolu Agency
15000 Somali Refugees Who Had Planned To Resettle In The US Are StrandedHuffington Post
Urgent scale-up in funding needed to stave off famine in Somalia, UN warnsUN News Centre
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Africa must change tack to end perennial hunger - Daily Nation
Daily Nation
Many African countries have not made fighting hunger a priority.

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New Delhi Times

New Delhi Times - India's Only International Newspaper- Read ...
New Delhi Times
According to the United Nation, by 2050 the world's population is expected to expand by more than two billion people and half of that will be born in ...

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