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Israel and the Middle East

The Bible record of ancient cities and people's has been proven, by archaeology, to have existed. One such group was the Edomites. These findings prove the Bible is not a forgery, but is a trustworthy source of information.

Many Bible prophecies about the Middle East, including Babylon, sound like they are literally being fulfilled today. But do these prophecies point to specific dictators today? What does the land of Babylon have to do with us? The tower of Babel represents man's effort to live without God. The Lord calls His people out of spiritual Babylon.

Is the 'abomination' the attempt to again sacrifice a red heifer. Some people believe the Jews will rebuild the temple and sacrifice lambs. So, the temple in 2 Thessalonians is God's church and doesn't have anything to do with a literal temple or a red heifer.

In these last days should we keep our eyes fixed on literal Israel? Does this nation and land have any significance for us today? This program looks at the biblical background of Israel, a name that came through Jacob whose name was changed.

This Bible Talk continues a study on Israel in prophecy and specifically looks at a passage in 2 Thessalonians 2 that speaks of the temple of God. How does this passage play out in relationship to the end of time? Who, what, or where is the temple today?

Many people look at a book or a TV program or a preacher to determine what they believe about Israel in prophecy without every looking in their Bibles. This talk is part 4 in a continued series on what the Bible says about Israel in the last days.

Should all eyes be focused on literal Israel today in preparation for the end of time? The Bible teaches that the focus of our eyes should be on Jesus in the temple which is in heaven, not the Middle East. Satan has created a deception to draw our eyes away from the place of the real battle. What is the battle of Armageddon?

For the first time in the history of the world there is within the hands of man the capability to destroy the Earth. Is there special guidance from God for our world? Yes. We find help, especially from the book of Revelation. This broadcast looks at the roots of the conflicts in the Middle East.

Many people who are interested in Bible prophecy believe that all eyes should be on modern Israel and the Holy Land. If it is God's chosen nation, should we not have a high interest in the Jews returning to Israel and rebuilding the temple? What does the Bible say about Israel? This broadcast especially looks at the promise to Abraham.

Who is Israel today? Do modern Jews need to travel back to Israel or does the New Testament teach that all followers of Jesus are children of Abraham and comprise spiritual Israel? This broadcast looks at who Israel is today.

This is the third in a series on Israel. Who is Israel today? What does the Bible teach about modern Israel? A clear understanding on who the true seed of Abraham are opens up the whole New Testament?

Is there spiritual and biblical significance to the year 1948 when the Jewish state was reorganized. Jesus' fig tree parable is often used to establish this point. This broadcast looks at the Bible and the role of ancient Israel in prophecy.

What is the role of Israel today? It is constantly in the headlines and still considered to be a holy land by several religions. The Jews have been some of the most blessed and cursed people in history. God chose these people to be the repositories of truth intended to be shared with the world.

Does God have a remedy for today's lawless society? What does the Bible say about this lawlessness? Should we seek to keep God's commandments? How can we do that? Some people in the church say we don't need to keep God's law. What is the purpose of the law?

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