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Seven Years of Tribulation

Christ's coming is soon. Matthew 24 gives clear indicators of both signs of Jesus' soon coming and the preparation we should each make before His return. Major signs are mentioned such as the major destruction of Jerusalem, a great tribulation (persecution), and signs in the heavens.

Does the Bible support a pre-tribulation or post-tribulation? There are many Scripture stories of God saving His people through trials, not from trials.

The Bible talks about Jesus' coming as the blessed hope. Will everyone know when Christ comes? What about the seven years of tribulation? Are we going to be taken out of this time of tribulation?

This ongoing discussion on the second coming of Christ deals with the concept of the seven year tribulation. Is this teaching biblically accurate? What does the 70 week prophecy of Daniel 9 mean? What about the Jewish nation?

This is a continued discussion on the antichrist and looks at who it is and what it represents. This broadcast looks at the 7 years of tribulation. Is there a tribulation? When will it happen? Will Christians be here on the earth or raptured before it happens?

When during the 7 year tribulation period will the rapture occur? Rapture means "to be carried away." The Bible teaches we will be "caught up" at the second coming of Christ. We do not believe it is a secret. There is no phrase in the Bible "7 year tribulation." The examples of God's people being protected during times of tribulation show we will be on earth during the darkest hour when Christ comes.

Will the church go through the tribulation? Were the children of Israel saved from the plagues in Egypt or through it? Or Joseph from his experience in prison or through it. Many Bible stories show that we enter the kingdom through tribulation. We need to remember to keep our beliefs on the Bible and not be deceived by many voices, including voices in the church.

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