The Rapture

According to Scripture, there will certainly be a rapture, but it will be anything but secret. The rapture described in the Bible will be unmistakable and will be seen by every person alive on earth. It will be a deafening, dazzling, bone-shaking experience that no one could possibly miss!

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The Coming KingAthaliah, the ruthless queen of Judah, was even more wicked than her mother Jezebel. When her son Ahaziah died, she quickly seized control of the kingdom by executing all of her grandsons who might reign in her place. "But Jehosheba, ... sister of Ahaziah, took Joash the son of Ahaziah, and ... they hid him ... from ...
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The Ultimate DeliveranceIt's no fairytale! One day, you can be free from all the hurt, hunger, loneliness, crime, and chaos infecting the world today. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? But it’s not going to be some charismatic world leader who is going to deliver you—no, your deliverer is far superior! Jesus is coming soon, but there are a lot of misc...
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Return of the Cosmic KingGod's people were not ready the first time He came. Could it happen again? ... Watch
Return of the KingHow is Jesus going to come again? The Bible says the devil will attempt to impersonate Christ's return but we don't want to be deceived. ... Watch
Time Running Out, Pt. 1A recent issue of TIME magazine spotlighted the flock of new young Americans who have become millionaires almost overnight. You know one of most astonishing things about this affluent age of ours, is this massive piling up of wealth by these newcomers on the American scene. ... Watch
Time Running Out, Pt. 2Time Running Out - Pt. 2 ... Watch


Can people be saved after the rapture occurs?Can people be saved after the rapture occurs? Pastor Doug explains that when Christ comes there will be no second chance. He also discusses the length of the tribulation and Daniel 9. ... Listen
Does the Bible support a pre-tribulation or post-tribulation rapture?Does the Bible support a pre-tribulation or post-tribulation? There are many Scripture stories of God saving His people through trials, not from trials. ... Listen
Elaborate on Bible texts which show there is not a secret raptureElaborate on Bible texts which show there is not a secret rapture. A careful reading of Matthew 24 provides a context for the passage often used to support a secret rapture. Pastor Doug discusses this chapter along with other Bible verses that do not support this theory. ... Listen
Explain the secret rapture and the Bible references for it.Explain the secret rapture and the Bible references for it. It is true that we will be carried away by Christ, but it is not true that it will happen secretly. The Bible gives us a clear picture that every eye will see Him when He comes. ... Listen
When Christ ReturnsThe greatest event of the ages is about to transpire. So many are distracted they are unable to realize it. Stress and fear caused by world events pull people away from our only source of peace. What does the Bible say about our times and Christ's return? ... Listen
When during the 7 year tribulation period will the rapture occur?When during the 7 year tribulation period will the rapture occur? Rapture means "to be carried away." The Bible teaches we will be "caught up" at the second coming of Christ. We do not believe it is a secret. There is no phrase in the Bible "7 year tribulation." The examples of God's people being protected during times of t ... Listen


Anything But SecretIn the early 1500s, the Aztec empire was one of the most powerful and sophisticated civilizations in the western hemisphere. However, within one year's time this mighty nation of over 2 million people was conquered and enslaved by just 600 men. How did it happen? The Aztecs had a prophecy about Quetzalcoatl (kèt-säl´ko-ä-

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The Secret Rapture There is a theological question that has disturbed millions of Christians and has lent untold doctrinal confusion to the modem religious world. That question revolves around the manner of Christ's coming back to this earth at the end of the world. Multitudes have been led to believe that Christ will return secretly. Wh

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The Surprising Truth About the Rapture (Signs of the Times) by Pacific PressThis attractive, affordable, full-color magazine presents powerful biblical lessons in a direct and captivating way about the truth behind the rapture, tribulation, and left behind theory!...
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The Day of the Lord Magazine by Amazing FactsDiscover the certainty, signs, and manner of Christ’s return, the truth about the secret rapture, and what happens during and after His return. Even more important, learn how to be ready for this imminent and cataclysmic event so you can face the future with confidence and joy! ...
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