The Middle East

They encompass the cradle of civilization and the birthplace of the Messiah, but what is the significance of Israel and the Middle East in Bible prophecy? Are current events and conflicts in the region of significance to Bible scholars? And what role, if any, does this region play in the final events of Earth’s history?

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The Final JudgmentThe jury is in, the verdict read—case closed! Few thoughts could be more sobering. The day is fast approaching when all who have ever lived will have their lives reviewed before the all-knowing God (2 Corinthians 5:10). But don’t let this alarm you—take heart! Millions have already found the judgment message revealed in th ...
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A Temple in IsraelThe temple in Israel was a prophetic time capsule that changed the world. ... Watch
Islam and Christianity in ProphecyISIS of course stands for the Islamic state of Syria and Iraq because there is this desire among many in the Arab world to have a great major Islamic country. Iran has reportedly been helping to fund making that happen. ... Watch
Islam, Christianity and Prophecy, Pt. 1 - Sibling RivalryThe first part in a three-part series dealing with the subject of Christianity, Islam, and Prophecy - "Sibling Rivalry" ... Watch
Islam, Christianity and Prophecy, Pt. 2 - From Mecca to RomeThe second part of a three-part series dealing with the subject of Christianity, Islam, and Prophecy - "From Mecca to Rome" ... Watch
Islam, Christianity and Prophecy, Pt. 3 - Critical MassThe third and final part in a three-part series dealing with the subject of Christianity, Islam, and Prophecy - "Critical Mass" ... Watch
Israel's Temple in ProphecyWhat does the Bible say about Israel's temple? There are three temples in Scripture. The sanctuary teaches us important lessons about sin, salvation, and the future. God gave Moses divine plans for a portable temple that were a copy of what was in heaven. Daniel 9 speaks about the sanctuary. ... Watch


Arabs, Israelites and InspirationThe Bible record of ancient cities and people's has been proven, by archaeology, to have existed. One such group was the Edomites. These findings prove the Bible is not a forgery, but is a trustworthy source of information. ... Listen
Israel in Prophecy, Pt. 1In these last days should we keep our eyes fixed on literal Israel? Does this nation and land have any significance for us today? This program looks at the biblical background of Israel, a name that came through Jacob whose name was changed. ... Listen
Israel in Prophecy, Pt. 2Many today look at Israel in the Middle East. Don't all of the promises in the Old Testament need to be literally fulfilled? This broadcast looks at the conditional nature of these promises. ... Listen
Israel in Prophecy, Pt. 3This Bible Talk continues a study on Israel in prophecy and specifically looks at a passage in 2 Thessalonians 2 that speaks of the temple of God. How does this passage play out in relationship to the end of time? Who, what, or where is the temple today? ... Listen
Israel in Prophecy, Pt. 4Many people look at a book or a TV program or a preacher to determine what they believe about Israel in prophecy without every looking in their Bibles. This talk is part 4 in a continued series on what the Bible says about Israel in the last days. ... Listen
Israel in Prophecy, Pt. 5Should all eyes be focused on literal Israel today in preparation for the end of time? The Bible teaches that the focus of our eyes should be on Jesus in the temple which is in heaven, not the Middle East. Satan has created a deception to draw our eyes away from the place of the real battle. What is the battle of Armageddon ... Listen


Spiritual IsraelThe European cuckoo is known as a “brood parasite.” The females lay their eggs in the nests of smaller bird species—like the reed warbler. In turn, these unsuspecting mothers unwittingly incubate, feed, and raise the young impostors, typically at the expense of their very own offspring. One of the most sorrowful tragedie ... Read

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The Middle East

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