Great Tribulation

Jesus spoke of a great tribulation that was to come upon the world before His return. But just what and whom does the great tribulation involve? How can you be sure you will recognize it when it happens? And, most important, what can you do to prepare for this time of unprecedented turbulence?

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Cleansing the TempleJesus was visibly grieved as He entered the temple courtyard and surveyed the turmoil. On every hand He saw pens filled with sacrifice animals and heard salesman shouting and bargaining with visiting pilgrims for the highest price. The cooing of doves, bleating of sheep, and lowing of oxen mingled together with the o ...
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Lessons from Job, Part 2: Trusting through TrialsThere is a battle going on behind the scenes for our hearts, the devil wants us to turn our hearts away from God, he wants us to curse God. The story of Job is an example of someone who praised God even in the midst of difficult trials. The Lord withdrew his protection from Job, and the devil took everything away from him ... Watch
The Positive Side of SufferingWhat does the Bible say about suffering? Sometimes God allows suffering to help us recognize our dependence on Him. We are the casualties of a cosmic war. We need to have a positive attitude about suffering. We grow through suffering. ... Watch


Does the Bible support a pre-tribulation or post-tribulation rapture?Does the Bible support a pre-tribulation or post-tribulation? There are many Scripture stories of God saving His people through trials, not from trials. ... Listen
Time of the EndIs civilization progressing? Did we begin as a tiny germ and advance through an evolutionary process to where we are today? Though there are many advances in science, the last days are coming down upon us quickly. This broadcast looks at the time of the end. ... Listen
When during the 7 year tribulation period will the rapture occur?Can we exactly pinpoint when the rapture will occur? When does the 7-year tribulation period start? ... Listen
Will the church go through the tribulation?Will the church go through the tribulation? Were the children of Israel saved from the plagues in Egypt or through it? Or Joseph from his experience in prison or through it. Many Bible stories show that we enter the kingdom through tribulation. We need to remember to keep our beliefs on the Bible and not be deceived by many ... Listen


The Final VerdictWhy are we alive? What is the meaning of life? Listen to one man’s attempt to define our existence: “For what are we, brother? We are but a phantom flare of grieved desire, the ghostly and phosphoric flicker of immortal time. We are an unspeakable utterance, an insatiable hunger, an unquenchable thirst, a lust that bursts o ... Read
The Last Night on EarthOne of the most dramatic verses in the Bible has been translated by Dr. Moffett in these words: "Evil on evil says the Lord, the Eternal ... it is coming, the hour is striking, and striking at you, the hour and the end. Your doom has come." Ezekiel 7:5-7. Based on this startling text, our attention is drawn to the most sol ... Read

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