Although human imagination and popular tradition and mythology have distorted many people’s concept of heaven, making it appear dull and uninteresting, it is a very real and tremendously exciting place that the Bible tells us is the dwelling place of the Creator—and He wants you to be a part of it!

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A Colossal City in Space Imagine your favorite town or city without any potholes, traffic, pollution, or crime of any kind! Impossible? The Bible tells of a city with streets paved with gold! And within its tall walls made of pure jasper, there won’t be even one person coughing, sneezing, or coming down with a cold. Everyone will be in perfect heal ...
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The Glorious Kingdom After Solomon was established as the new king of Israel, the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said, "Ask what I shall give thee." 1 Kings 3:5. The young king could have requested money, fame, or long life, but he didn't. Instead, he asked for wisdom to justly govern God's people. In answer to that humble and heart ...
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The Kingdom of Heaven There is a revolution simmering in this world. Many people are longing for a new regime. John the Baptist announced a new kingdom. You are born into this kingdom. You should be willing to obey the King of God's kingdom. You are temporarily citizens of this world until Jesus comes. ... Watch
The Messengers - Homesick for Heaven Homesick for Heaven, sung by The Messengers during the Joe Crews evangelistic series in Hendersonville, North Carolina ... Watch


Are there 3 heavens described in the Bible? Are there three heavens? The Hebrews spoke of three heavens. The first is where the birds fly, the second place is the place where the sun, moon, and stars hang. The third heaven is the dwelling place of God. ... Listen
Did Moses and Elijah go directly to heaven when they died? Did Moses and Elijah go directly to heaven when they died? There is evidence in Jude that Moses was resurrected. Elijah never saw death. There was a special resurrection at the crucifixion. ... Listen
Do Christians go to heaven immediately after they die? If you're generally a good person, when you die do you go directly and immediately to heaven? What does the Bible say? ... Listen
Do people go to heaven immediately after they die? In Daniel chapter 12 it speaks of people being resurrected. If they are resurrected, does that mean that they are not in heaven right now? ... Listen
Heaven Discovered - Part 1 Where is heaven? What is heaven? The Bible tells us many things about this wonderful place. There are actually three heavens that Apostle Paul speaks about. ... Listen
Heaven Discovered - Part 2 Will we know one another in heaven? Will we recognize each other in Paradise? The Bible describes heaven as a very real place, a home where we will know each other more fully than we know each other here on earth. ... Listen
How long will heaven and hell last? Are both heaven and hell eternal? ... Listen
If a good person dies without accepting Jesus, will they be in heaven? If a good person dies without accepting Jesus, will they be in heaven? There are people in the world who are good, but actually are living for self. Others may not know much, but they are walking in the light they know. ... Listen
If a person could be cloned, would all of the clones go to heaven? If a person could be cloned, would all of the clones go to heaven? ... Listen
In heaven, do the leaves from the tree of life heal our sinful cravings? In heaven, do the leaves from the tree of life heal our sinful cravings? After the resurrection and when we are in heaven we will have glorified bodies, perfect bodies and so there will not be cravings for carnal things. Healing of the nations seems to point to the separation that took place at the Tower of Babel and how Go ... Listen
Life Line to Heaven Prayer is a lifeline to heaven. It is not intended just for crises, but a daily need. The disciples heard Jesus prayer and wanted such success and victory. Prayer is more than following a set of rules, it is connecting to the God of heaven. ... Listen
Passport to Heaven Is there a passport into heaven? If so how can you secure yours? ... Listen
Voices From Heaven When will the end of the world come? The Bible tells us that the gospel will be preached to all the world, then the end will come. What is this gospel message? This broadcast looks at what the Bible says about the everlasting gospel. ... Listen
Will a husband and wife know each other in heaven? Will we know each other in heaven? Will we recognize each other in heaven or will our glorified bodies make it so that we don't know who is who? ... Listen
Will we have wings in heaven? Will we have wings in heaven? I don't know that we will have literal wings, but there are references in Scripture that seem to indicate we will not be restrained in the way we are now. I think there is an unknown dimension that we may gain back that we lost in the garden of Eden. ... Listen


Heaven - Is It For Real? Millions of people are anticipating, although for different reasons, a time when they can leave this planet and migrate to another happier, less cluttered world in space. Many believe that time is running out for this overcrowded, polluted planet which has been so misused for 6,000 years. For survival purposes only, they ho ... Read
Rendezvous In Space Redbook magazine made a survey of the eight leading seminaries in America and discovered that only one percent of the students believed in the second coming of Jesus. The reason for this astonishing skepticism may be revealed by the experience of D. L. Moody, the great lay evangelist. After explaining that he had been in th ... Read
Three Steps to Heaven If there could be a highway to the moon, it would take 20 months of constant driving at the rate of 400 miles per day to reach the land of the moon. If there could be a railroad stretching up to the sun, a streamlined train traveling 90 mph non-stop, day after day and year after year, would require 116 years to reach s ... Read
Who Will Sing the Song? The 144000 of Revelation 14 During the Gulf War, a small team of U.S. Navy SEALS created a diversion so convincing that it completely fooled the Iraqi army. About a dozen SEALS stormed the beaches of Kuwait and created such havoc that Iraqi generals believed the U.S.-led attack was coming from the sea. Iraq sent the majority of their army to repe ... Read

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The Prophecy:
For dogs have compassed me: the assembly of the wicked have inclosed me: they pierced my hands and my feet. (Psalms ...
Cried Out to God

Cried Out to God

The Prophecy:
... My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? ... (Psalms 22:1)
Beaten and Spat Upon

Beaten and Spat Upon

The Prophecy:
I gave my back to the smiters, and my cheeks to them that plucked off the hair: I hid not my face from shame and spitting. ...
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