What are the seven last plagues and when will they occur?

Caller:  I have two questions regarding the seven last plagues and I wanted to know when will the seven last plagues take place and over how long of a span.

Pastor Doug:  Well, that’s a good question.  Incidentally, for our listeners, the seven last plagues are found in Revelation 15 and 16 and it talks about these angels that pour out the vials of God’s wrath.  The Bible doesn’t tell us the date, but it does tell us that it’s just before the second coming of Jesus because the seventh of the seven last plagues is synonymous with the coming of the Lord and when you look at the seven last plagues, you look at the nature of them, it talks about the noisome and grievous sores, the fresh water supplies turning to blood, the oceans turning to blood, the darkness on the seat of the beast, the Euphrates river drying up, and the sun scorching men with great heat, and you look at these seven plagues and, first of all, there’s a lot of similarity between the seven last plagues and the plagues that fell on Egypt. 

The plagues fell on Egypt just before the Children of Israel were liberated from their slavery.  The plagues are going to fall on this wicked world just before Spiritual Israel, God’s people, are liberated from the world that is in bondage to sin.  And so, just before the second coming, there will be a periodand I have a personal belief, and this is by permission and not by commandment, but based on some things in Revelation and Daniel, I think the period of the plagues is all going to fit within one years’ time, perhaps even just about forty-five days.  Because you look at the severity of these things, you can imagine how long the world can go on with the fresh water supply being blood, or the oceans being blood, and most of the population of the world lives either by rivers or oceans, and men being scorched with great heat.  And another reason, how long did the plagues last that fell on Job, it was just a matter of weeks when you read the context. 

How long did the plagues last that fell on Egypt again it was in the matter of within a couple months’ time, and so for these reasons, based on those stories, the plagues will probably fall just with a few months.  And it says in Revelation, “All of her plagues come within one day”, and a day in prophecy is a year.  So within a year’s time it all happens. 

Caller:  And different plagues will fall on different parts of the world?

Pastor Doug:  I’m sure the intensity will be different in different parts of the world, the same way it was in Egypt.  But God promises to protect His people all through those plagues, just like He protected the Children of Israel through the plagues that fell on Egypt.  We don’t need to be afraid that’s why we need to memorize Psalm 91.  Thank you so much for calling in. 

Caller:  Okay

Pastor Doug:  God bless.

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