Are Lucifer's angels in chains?

Q. Are Lucifer's angels in chains? I always believed they were loosed on earth to do their evil bidding.

This question comes from Jude 6, which says, "And the angels kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day." I believe this means that even here on earth, the angels are in bondage because they are restricted to this planet.

Remember when the demons possessed the man by the Sea of Galilee? They said, "Jesus, have you come to torment us before the time?" It says they're reserved for judgmentthey know that they are chained to this world by circumstances waiting for their judgment. And the only thing they can do for their "prison recreation" is to tempt and torment people to try and take humans with them. That's why they plead, "If you're going to cast us out of the man, at least let us possess the pigs."

So for practical purposes, Satan and his angels are restricted to this planet. And compared to the glory of God's presence where they used to live, can you imagine how dark this world is? When it speaks of chains of darkness, it's making a contrast from their first estate, which is the presence of God and the brilliant glory brighter than the sun.

It's not literal chains or darkness, because you can't really chain an angel. They are spiritual beings, not flesh and blood like humans. It's figurative language, but they are bound and restricted to this planet in a sense.

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